Einladungen und Termine bearbeiten


  1.    Einladungen
  2.    Termine

10.1.  Termine vereinbaren

10.2. Termine absagen

10.3. Termine verlegen

   9. Einladungen


Bei der Annahme von Einladungen verwendet man im Englischen häufig Adjektive, wie ‚delighted‘

und ‚happy‘, etc..

Das klingt zwar bisweilen etwas ungewöhnlich, aber so ist es..




            I have received your invitation for the conference, and it will be my pleasure 
            to participate.
            I look forward to meeting you there.
            Yours faithfully
            Markus Breuer

10.  Termine

10.1.  Termine vereinbaren


Nützliche Phrasen;

  • What time would suit you?
  • Does 15 April at 11:30 suit you?
  • If this does not suit you, please suggest another time.
  • Could you confirm the proposed appointment (by email) as soon as possible?




        Dear ...
        As announced in my email as of 14 February, I am going to attend the        
        International Packaging Fair in Bradford next week.
        As you may know, we recently launched our new range of foils that I would like    
        to show you whenever it suits you best during the week.
        Please let me know whether Wednesday 14 at 3 p.m. in your office suits you. 
        If Wednesday is not convenient, please feel free to suggest an alternative day and time. 
        Please kindly let me know as soon as possible.
        Yours faithfully

Folgen Sie dem LinkEinladungen

10.2.   Termine absagen


     Müssen Sie einmal einen Termin absagen, soll dies höflich und verbindlich formuliert sein.


Nützliche Phrasen;

  • Unfortunately, I must cancel our appointment on …
  • Unfortunately, I cannot keep the appointment on Friday due to …
  • We regret any inconvenience



         Dear …
         I regret having to cancel our appointment on December 18, at 11:30 a.m. 
         due to an urgent …
         I understand the meeting is important to you and will contact you again 
         to reschedule the meeting as soon as …
         Yours faithfully

    10.3.   Termine verlegen

          Terminverlegungen immer höflich formulieren, sodass sie verbindlich klingen!

     Nützliche Phrasen;

  • Unfortunately, I must postpone our appointment on Tuesday
  • Are you available again next Friday at 1 p.m.?
  • Should it be inconvenient for you to …



     Email 1;

     Thank you for your email of 13 January.
     I regret to inform you that I will not have time on 25 January due to … 
     Could we meet on 26 January at 11 a.m. instead?
     Please let me know as soon as possible by return email.
     Yours faithfully


     Email 2;

     Dear …
     I regret having to postpone our meeting for next Thursday. Unfortunately, we have just 
     been informed by …that … on that day … and I will not be free.
     Could we meet on Thursday 25 at 10 a.m. instead? If this is inconvenient for you, please 
     feel free to suggest an appointment in the first week of September.
     Many thanks in advance.
     Yours faithfully

     Link:  Termine Absagen